About Meredith

Writing is, foremost, a means to explore my inner life. I have kept a journal for more than three decades and always have some sort of notebook with me. I record my dreams. My work comes from fragmented ideas I've collected, or from a word or two written on a scrap of paper or the palm of my hand. Some places they've appeared include the Washington Post, JAMA, PsychologyToday.com, Los Angeles Times, Newsweek, Motherwell, Santa Monica Review, Purple Clover and others. Process journaling, collage and mosaic work, as well as jewelry making help me deepen into my ideas.

An LCSW, I worked in healthcare for two decades. I maintain a strong interest in trauma-informed healing through the expressive arts. ALL THE LOVE: Healing Your Heart and Finding Meaning After Pregnancy Loss, which I've co-authored, will be published by Turner/Keylight Books in 2021. I've also written about recovery from the effects of a narcissistic person, family and collective.  My series has sold more than 20k copies and has been featured in publications, and is used and recommended by therapists, around the world. My Voice Can Speak, my newest creation, is devoted to humanistic, organic and authentic recovery from trauma that with empirical grounding. It will officially launch later in 2020. For now, watch at it evolves: My Voice Can Speak.