The Writer’s [Inner] Journey Begins. Again. Everyday. 

You’re here because you’re fascinated by the creative process. Showed up because you’re intrigued by the breadth of originality of contemporary writers. And mostly because you, too, have a voice that is original and pure. You’ve got stories. You want those stories to be heard.

I love hearing authors speak about their work. However, I started The Writer’s [Inner] Journey because I crave insight into how they work, or rather, how their creative mind works. I wanted to prove to myself that there is no one way to be creative, to create, to write. I wanted the tangible not the abstract. To feel connected, not competitive.

The Writer’s Journey 5-Question Interview is the magical tool I developed that helps authors translate complex, abstract ideas into creative insights the rest of us can relate to and benefit from.

Every author or creative has been generous. And no two are alike.

And speaking of authors, we have stellar list on board: New York Times Bestsellers, Los Angeles Times Bestsellers, contributors to This American Life, parenting writers, award-winning children’s writers, religion writers, reporters, novelists, memoirists, professional creatives, creative coaches…the list goes on and is constantly being written.


Photo by Abdullah Öğük on Unsplash

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