Nicole Krauss: Overcoming Doubt 

I’m listening to THE HISTORY OF LOVE by Nicole Krauss. I. LOVE. IT.

And so, I started wondering about the author’s process. I went to her website. There, under “Press,” she talks in part about just that, her writing process and her thought process about writing.

Under the heading: “On Doubt,” which is a five-graph essay about that subject, she begins:

I begin my novels without ideas.

Later she writes:

It’s unnerving not to know what I’m writing, or why, or where it will go.

Here is the link. Click on the tab up top that says, “PRESS” (if this doesn’t take you directly there) then click and read the third title under “INTERVIEWS AND ESSAYS” … it’s called “On Doubt.”


Photo by r._.f

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