The Deep Dive of Personal Essay Writing

Get yourself a timer. Trust the direction you’ll be taken.

Natalie Goldberg on Writing

Today I listen to the echoes from inside only me. That is the story. That is the news.

Writing: A Process Meditation

Sending it—and myself—out into the world.

Seeing and being seen: a meditation for writers

“We can’t patiently wait and hope the Muse will grace us with her presence.  You have to chase her down and fight, sometimes quite hard, to keep her nearby.”

Your Muse? Loves Risk.

In writing, there is much discussion of “the muse.” Who is it? Do we wait for him/her/it to appear, or go to work anyway?

The Fiction Writer and Her Muse

When we moved my sister, who is an interior decorator, helped me set up our house. Set up as in decorate. I, alone, can tell you when a finished room looks good, but I can’t begin to tell you how to put it together. My spatial skills are barely adequate. She, on the other hand,

What decorating and getting dressed helped me learn about variety in the re-writing

Before I began writing professionally (and for a long time while I was), I was a therapist. Therapists are dedicated to confidentiality and bound to it by law, except in very specific cases. As a writer, how do I reconcile writing essays that include other people while writing a really good essay as well? It’s

The personal essay is meant to be about you—not someone else

“Some things cross my path…I don’t think I can force ideas. I usually see something and it causes my brain to spin.” -Claudine McCormack Jalajas   Claudine McCormack Jalajas is an expert writer in the field of technical writing and learning, and the author of the contemporary weaving book Beaded Bracelets. For eighteen years she

What the art of weaving teaches us about the art of writing