Understated or overstated?

Today I dedicate my writing to the word “overstate”. Overstate as opposed to understate. I have a habit of understating things, trying to hard to slip in under the radar, but still slip in so I can fit in. I want to try to something different today, which is why I’m paying homage to the word overstate. I’m going to do my very very utmost best to overstate myself–feelings, thoughts, descriptions, colors, sounds, you name it, on the page. I’m going to let myself use lots of adjectives and adverbs. I’m even going to use a lot of exclamation points!!!!! – in the wrong places, too, – if I want to. I want to exaggerate and expand and stretch and pull and expose and reveal and luxuriate in all the words that I can, and do it in such an over-the-top way that I just can’t miss it.
Later I can go back and clean up, and find what needs to be found.
What will be your word for today?