On Writing: I get lost. I recover. 

I have gained a new appreciation for the way I create on the page and off.
How I express myself.

The singularity of my voice and the mosaic nature of my process.

No expert can teach you to be you.

Wait and follow ideas.

I get lost. I recover.

Listen. Internal guidance comes.

Notice numinous clues. They catch my eye and heart.

I know on a visceral level what to trust and who.
I trust myself. Even when I don’t, I befriend the part I don’t understand.

There is no one way to tell a story, to create a piece of art.
Pen to paper, fingers to keyboard, hands in a puddle of paint.
These are vehicles not only of telling but of listening.

I give them, and me, space to deepen.


Photo by Lisa Fotios

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