Change your thoughts and you might just change your writing life

In this thought-provoking, to-the-point essay, syndicated food columnist, cookbook author and chef Monica Bhide writes: “As a writer in an industry that is rapidly changing (I checked and half the publications I used to write for are gone or going away), it is easy to focus on what is not there.”

Of course, focusing on what’s not there only gets me/you/he/she/it/us/you/they more of that—nothing, nada, zip.

And Monica knows this. “Instead of worrying (which I do oh so well), I began to focus on what I could do well.” In other words, how to flip things around (inside herself), and tells us how as well.

Please click to read her piece “Knock, Knock….Who is at your door?” Hint: When you get to the part about the two wolves, think for a moment about which one thrives on you (or maybe, vice versa).

[Thanks, Monica, for the inspiration!]

PS: Here’s my 5-Question Interview with Monica Bhide.