Jennifer Haigh, New York Times Best Selling author Talks about: doubt Meredith: In life there

Just like I can’t control what other people do, sometimes I can’t control which direction

For today I remember that I am here to be a scribe (or a transcriptionist–whatever

You can write about anything; a former job or a current one; a nemesis or

by Carol Grannick Chiaroscuro (kiːˈɑːrə.ˈskʊroʊ, –ˈskjʊroʊ, Italian for light-dark) in art is characterized by strong

“I did the revision which improved the tightness but muddled the arc.” “I loved the

For a nonfiction writer, particularly one who writes memoir, shame can be a blessing and

by Meredith Resnick A few years ago I was stuck. And stumped. I had a

One of the hidden gems I find most interesting about this blog is the fact