“Treat it like a job and Divorce it utterly from all notions of a job: Both things are true.”

In order to write THROUGH the story, I had to relive it. And in my case that meant reliving these specific things:
—the death of my daughter —the abuse I suffered from my father —the self destructions I inflicted on my self
—the longing for a mother drowned by alcoholism

This is my story about how to avoid stagnation. Actually, it is a post about growth.

Feeling admiration for a writer feels different than feeling envy.

Missing was the connection to something greater than himself (my father) that told me—on the inside—that I exist, there is a place for me, too.

Sometimes, it’s pretty clear an essay is the perfect way to convey a thought or feeling. But how do I know? Maybe I should be writing a short story.

Truth: I’m not religious about prayer. Bigger Truth: I want to be. Or maybe I am? Let me be clear: G. O. D. What that is for me on any given day can change – this much I know. What I call it changes, too.

“My own sense is that writers are blocked mostly by their own inhibitions about being truthful on the page, and about allowing themselves success.”