Coauthored by friends Kim Hooper and Meredith Resnick, LCSW, All the Love: Healing Your Heart and Finding Meaning After Pregnancy Loss (Turner, 2021) is a personal, heartfelt exploration of loss and grief. In their guest column featured on Writer’s Digest, the authors discuss what they learned from each other throughout the shared writing process. Utilizing

What Writing a Book With a Friend Teaches You—Insights From Meredith Resnick and Kim Hooper

“Treat it like a job and Divorce it utterly from all notions of a job: Both things are true.”

Thoughts on writing at the intersection of vocation and profession

In order to write THROUGH the story, I had to relive it. And in my case that meant reliving these specific things:
—the death of my daughter —the abuse I suffered from my father —the self destructions I inflicted on my self
—the longing for a mother drowned by alcoholism

Lidia Yuknavitch on Internal Conflict and Writing

This is my story about how to avoid stagnation. Actually, it is a post about growth.

Stagnation Is Worse Than Writer’s Block

Feeling admiration for a writer feels different than feeling envy.

Kathryn Chetkovich Writes Eloquently About a Very Un-eloquent Topic: Envy

Missing was the connection to something greater than himself (my father) that told me—on the inside—that I exist, there is a place for me, too.

Mixed Up About Money and Its Relationship to Writing

Sometimes, it’s pretty clear an essay is the perfect way to convey a thought or feeling. But how do I know? Maybe I should be writing a short story.

Is It a Memoir or Novel?

Truth: I’m not religious about prayer. Bigger Truth: I want to be. Or maybe I am? Let me be clear: G. O. D. What that is for me on any given day can change – this much I know. What I call it changes, too.

Manuscripts, shopping lists—it’s really, kind of, all the same. See what I need, what I long for, and get it on the page.  Then, see what comes next.

“My own sense is that writers are blocked mostly by their own inhibitions about being truthful on the page, and about allowing themselves success.”

stuck/unstuck: Steve Almond on Internal Conflict and Writing