Writing the poem changes me, and I welcome that. I don’t see that as a betrayal of myself or the work, but more of an evolution.

“Editing is part of any serious writer’s journey. We all need eyes other than our own on our material, even if it’s scary to put your soul on paper and hand it over.”

I see the stories as something I sorted out, something I worked through. A problem I solved.

“I’ve learned not to share a piece of writing if my main reason for sharing is that I want validation from someone else.”

When/where you find yourself scared and paralyzed, either of something you are writing, of revealing yourself through the work, or for any other reason, how do you start moving again? And by moving I mean forward, not backwards, as in retreating?

“I’m amazed by how often I’ve struggled with piece of writing only to return to it months, or even years, later to find that it all comes together with little thought.”

In order to write THROUGH the story, I had to relive it. And in my case that meant reliving these specific things:
—the death of my daughter —the abuse I suffered from my father —the self destructions I inflicted on my self
—the longing for a mother drowned by alcoholism

“It’s a wistful feeling, knowing that you had something very special in your grasp but losing it to someone else, but I have to say I’ve learned that it’s best to send best wishes to that author and agent and move on.”

“I can’t really imagine *not* getting attached a writer’s work.   The whole reason you agree to represent a book or books by a writer is that you are in love with the work—there is nothing objective about personal taste.”