Creativity PRN

  • Do you have something written, but aren’t sure how to proceed?
  • Do you have an idea, but need help refining it?
  • Are you timid about jumping in, or worried it might be time to step away?
  • Has rejection left you reeling, or too angry, scared or blocked to move forward?
  • Are you overwhelmed by the bigness of a project, or underwhelmed by the blahness of it?
  • Have you gotten great feedback on your work, but are stumped as to what to do with all that great feedback?
  • Do you feel an at-one-ness with your creative field/force/self, or do you feel like you’re always imposing a structure on yourself, and that structure is stifling you?
  • Are there not enough hours in the day, or are the circumstances not ideal, and are you frustrated and resentful about this?
  • Are you seduced by other stuff (or other people’s stuff) over your own, and find yourself exasperated with you, them—and all that stuff?  

If you answered yes to any of the above, or feel stuck for no real reason, Creativity PRN may help.

What is Creativity PRN?

Creativity PRN helps you nurture your creative side as needed, or pro re nata (prn)—the Latin term meaning “as the circumstance arises.”

This work evolved from intuitive healing work that Meredith began doing after she left the field of social work.

While Meredith uses her skills for people experiencing medical issues, illness, and chronic pain, she also works with people on personal issues, and with writers on writing issues, creative blocks, and fears. One session is typically enough to regain momentum, motivation and direction and, to feel empowered in the creative process again.

How does it work?

Creativity PRN is not writing coaching. Nor is it therapy or motivational conditioning. It’s not advice. It’s not rules. There are no goals to set or lessons to be completed. And yet, Creativity PRN supports any and all of the above as needed.

What’s a session like?

The session will always reflect your process and needs. We will talk and, since this is intuitive work, there will be varying periods of silence.

What about fees and payment? How long is a call?

All sessions are by phone and last 60 minutes. The cost is $125.

How can I book a telephone appointment?

Contact Meredith through this form.

Thank you for reading about Creativity PRN.