Helping writers unblock

Creativity PRN helps writers unblock

What is Creativity PRN?
Creativity PRN exists to help you nurture your creative side as needed, or pro re nata (prn)—a Latin term meaning “as the circumstance arises.”

How did you start Creativity PRN?
I originally studied intuitive healing to help people going through illness. Once I started working with people on their creative issues, blocks, and fears, and they were telling me they felt freer and more motivated, excited, and alive—after a single session—I knew I’d found my calling.

How does the process work?
Hourly sessions are done over the phone. You bring the creative block and we work together to move through it. Typically, one phone session is all it takes. We might work on process or on a manuscript, a block, or something else. It’s not like other creative or writing coaching. It’s not therapy. It’s not advice. It’s dynamic.

How are you different from a creative coach?
My main goal is to help you unblock as quickly as possible. I support the work you might be doing in therapy, counseling, or with a creative coach.

How do your appointments work?
I work by phone. When you feel ready or in need, we schedule an appointment.

How do I know if Creativity PRN is right for me?
If you feel you are imposing a structure on your writing and on yourself, and that structure is stifling you, Creativity PRN can help.

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