stuck/unstuck: conflict

Chef and writer Monica Bhide is the author of multiple books including her newest collection: The Devil In Us. Here she plays stuck/unstuck with me:

[but you can also read her full interview here]

Meredith: In life, we are destined, it seems, to repeat certain experiences until the meaning or lesson of the experience is conscious. Since the writing life is not separate from life-life, can you share how you’ve moved through a certain block that had always influenced (hampered) your writing process? How did you enter, tolerate, remain with the internal conflict you were dealing with, how did it show up in your writing, and how did it, eventually, resolve?

MONICA: I have always had trouble letting situations/people go. I have a tendency to fret, worry, doubt and, yes, get anxious to a point of basically ridiculous fruitlessness. I have been meditating and trying to learn how to let go of things that have served their purpose. I have been trying to finish work on a project and was stuck for a while. I noticed that my lead character was doing exactly what I would do in a situation – he was holding on so tight that not only was it hurting him, it was hurting the novel as I wasnt able to make any progress. I made him let go. Let go to learn the lesson. Here is an excerpt from the WIP:

“Brother Dorje once told me that the lessons I need to learn will keep haunting me until I learn them. There is something here that I need to learn. Until that happens, this nightmare will keep recurring. I am not giving up or giving in. I am just trying to be so I can find the lesson,” says Eshaan.