Expect Publication

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An article in the last issue of Psychology Today states that procrastination is driven by certain factors, including: expectation of success, need for immediate gratification, and impulsiveness.  I can re-word this to say, “I’m screwed when I sit down to write because: I’m not that confident, I crave reward too much (and insta-reward would be nice), and I’m very easily distracted by People.com.”

I like to think I write “just for fun.” That’s what I tell people. The truth is I want to be a published novelist. That’s the gratification I seek. I’m afraid it’ll never happen, so I say with a casual shrug, “Maybe I’ll get published, but I don’t really care.” I avoid disappointment that way, right? Wrong.  It’s still there, threatening me when I turn on the computer. No wonder I end up at People.com.

At the risk of sounding too New Age-y, overcoming procrastination (aka writer’s block) can begin with envisioning reaching a goal, whatever it is. This is kind of along the lines of “If you build it, they will come,” the “it” being self-confidence, and the “they” being the words. For me, when I’m stuck, the mantra becomes this: Expect to get published, and you’ll start writing.