The difference between writing and writing a story

by Meredith Resnick

[A meditation]

Today I dedicate myself to the story. It is not enough to write well. It is not enough to be called a good writer.

Today I dedicate myself to: My writing serves the story. To finding the story. To understanding the difference between writing and writing a story.

Today my writing serves the story.


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I hope this meditation helped bring the best to your story!

David Justin Bibby

I’ll admit I have a difficult time finding the story. I’m looking forward to reading, learning, and participating here. Normally I write non-fiction / marriage help type stuff.. but I’m really looking forward to writing my first fiction novel.

Thanks for the meditation… I have copied it to post on my board.


I don’t write fiction, so this is outside my experience. But I can see that the story by itself must be something alone. Very interesting.


Love this.

Ruth Pennebaker

These are such interesting thoughts, Meredith — and a different way to think about writing.


I think it applies to non-fiction as well. What’s the heart? What moves things forward? What makes sense or better … what’s the next surprise in the story?

Jane Boursaw

Yes! I think we get so focused on slamming out words sometimes, keeping fresh content on our sites, etc., the actual writing/thought-provoking stuff gets lost in the fray.

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