“The Writing Class That’s Like Therapy” With Lynda Barry

by Meredith Resnick

Have you ever read any of Lynda Barry’s books? You should. Really. The Greatest of Marlys is one of them. I have Andrew Tonkovich, editor of the Santa Monica Review and host of KPFK’s Biblocracy to thank for introducing me (and the rest of our CNF class at UCI extension more–way more–than a decade ago…so thank you, Andrew) to Lynda Barry’s work.

Now The New York Times has a story about one of her (what sounds like absolutely amazing and fun and deep and inspiring) workshops, which, according to the Times article she states in her ad material: “THIS CLASS WORKS ESPECIALLY WELL FOR ‘NONWRITERS’ like bartenders, janitors, office workers, hairdressers, musicians and ANYONE who has given up on ‘being a writer’ but still wonders what it might be like to write.”

Read the article here: It’s called “Lynda Barry Will Make You Believe In Yourself.”  And really, isn’t that all any of us need (or want)?

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Trying to find LB’s website, I know she teaches all over: is there a comprehensive list of where her upcoming workshops are?

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