The Writer’s [Inner] Journey on My Faith Project

by Meredith Resnick

Last month I was honored to be interviewed over at My Faith Project. Jennifer Haupt, a venerable writer whose byline has appeared repeatedly in top-notch national magazines, created My Faith Project: In Search of Faith Beyond Religion, as a venue to explore her own beliefs. She also profiles people from around the country (and world), and interviews others. Here’s my interview about writing and what it has to do with faith.

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Lori Erickson

I left a comment on this on Jennifer’s blog, too. Very nicely done! I agree absolutely that writing and faith are linked. Some days, both feel like equally absurd enterprises. But I can’t imagine not having either as a central part of my life.


Roxanne @ Champion of My Heart

Maybe all writers should add to our taglines … keeping the faith since (insert year).

But, Lori’s phrase is funnier — pursuing the absurd since (insert year).

Karen Bannan

Great post! I love learning more about why people write past the money and fame, of course.

Keep writing so I can keep reading!

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